Rural Modelling

TMG Designs provide rural Modelling for any project. These give a clear illustration of the proposed development to clients. These are very useful as a visual aid and allow clients to view the finished Area.

3D Models

Models are an accurate way to visualise your proposed design allowing you to see all internal and external factors before submission of the planning application to the local authority in Kerry.

Rural Scale Models

A rural scale study model is a very simple but effective tool to portray the design, shape and proportions of any proposed development. TMG Designs use white card to produce a scaled representation of each structure which can be viewed from every angle. It is also a useful aid to finalise detailed design.

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Detailed Design & Planning Application Submission

After design proposals have been finished, TMG Designs will look at the aspects of your design that require it - which materials should be used, the size, location of doors and windows, layout of rooms & other key construction details. Then we prepare a set of planning drawings for your approval. After your approval of drawings, we will prepare a detailed planning application submission.

The planning process is difficult and therefore it is advisable that Kerry County Council is consulted at an early stage to establish any issues with the site or if the design must be altered. We design specifications towards local planning authorities in Kerry. We seek approval for the development & incorporate of any recommendations before we proceed to the preparation a detailed planning application submission.

We ensure that the details in our design presented at planning stage can be realistically implemented in the building stage of your project.

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Preliminary Site Assessment

TMG recommends the completion of a preliminary site assessment which would consist of following key points:

1: A PSA establishes if site is potentially suitable for a site wastewater system.
2: A PSA involves the procurement of bedrock, aquifer, soil and vulnerability.
3: A visual inspection of site will establish the impact of existing wells treatment system/septic tanks and percolation areas
4: Site inspections will also clarify the suitability of the contours with regards to falls etc and the impact they might have on potential pollution of neighbouring properties.
5: The potential flood risks should be established as this would have a significant impact on development potential.
6: Sites position with regard to natural outfall should be established during the inspection.
7: An assessment of vegetation on-site will provide a crucial insight into the soil quality.
8: The impact of neighbouring agricultural operations on the site and natural outfalls should be examined.
9: The PSA should consider any other issues that could impact on the suitability of proposes site.

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Boundary & Contour Surveys

1: A boundary survey confirms the exact location of existing boundaries.
2: Proposed boundaries should be clarified by the customer at this stage.
3: The site boundaries of a proposed site should be cross checked against folio maps.
4: Across check against folio maps will confirm the position re legal ownership and clarify the situation re way leaves and underground pipe work.
5: The survey will also clearly identify the location of any unusual features on the proposed site.
6: Where a site wastewater system is required the invert levels of percolation area should be established as per E.P.A recommendations.
7: The percolation test must be carried out at proposed invert level to ensure the ground is suitable at this location.
8: Site that appear level will often have significant variations in levels and their variations must be captured.
9: Evaluation of the unique contours of the site will help pinpoint the optimum location of the inlet levels of the proposed percolation area.
10: The contour data generates a contour survey map.
11: The contour survey map provides the critical information to create a preliminary site layout plan.
12: The optimum location and floor level of the proposed house can be set out on site plan with the benefit of contour map.
13: The wastewater system layout can then be designed in relation to the house location and unique contours of the site.
14: The invert level of the percolation area can then be established which pinpoints the location for the percolation test.

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Construction Drawings

Construction drawings are provided, including plans, blueprints, or working drawings in order to show your built. Basic construction information. Drawings have written notes that cover specs.

Drawings to Scale: Construction drawings are drawn to scale. These are used on the job site are typically drawn at a scale of 1/4 per foot. Drawings of the whole house, or small details, may be done to different scales. A special ural scale ruler is usually used.

After Planning Permission has been granted by Kerry County Council. Construction Drawings are created providing detailed to scale including dimension's, including sections, elevations.

Detailed drawings produced at this stage will serve as a set of instructions for your building contractor. They will provide details on the building including: the size, and details of materials to be used.

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